Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The One Day Committment

Today I’m not going to spend money needlessly.

That’s it. No long-term plan. No cutting the extras out of my life permanently. Just today.

This is by no means an original idea. The Simple Dollar has discussed it. I’m sure countless others have as well.

This morning, I didn’t stop for a muffin and tea at Tim Horton’s or the cafeteria downstairs. I packed a lunch from home, so no hitting the cafeteria at noon either. I will be stopping on the way home to make some purchases, but they will be groceries that we need (got my list) and some gas for the car (sadly empty).

After the groceries and the gas station, I’m going to go home and make dinner rather than stopping by McDonald’s as has become my habit lately. Cheaper and healthier. After that, I’m going to curl up with a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages and haven’t quite gotten around to. I paid for it months ago. Actually, come to think of it, I bought it with a gift certificate I was given as a house-warming present, so it didn’t even cost me any money back then. Sweet.

Also, I'm exhausted, so an early night with no TV will be good for me.

As for tomorrow, we’ll see what happens. One day at a time, right?


FrugalQueen said...

Commiting for only one day. I like this! Seems doable for everyone. Glad you founf it. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Fecundity said...

Thanks frugalqueen. It went quite well. Hope it worked out for you.