Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas shopping finally underway

Whew. Finally getting on the ball and getting the shopping going. We bought a few children’s books for my niece and friend’s son while in Watertown on Saturday, as well as some cookies for Hubby’s grandfather which aren’t available in Canada.

Hubby also bought a Wii game for his Dad while I wasn’t looking. Apparently, despite his looking at the spreadsheet and repeatedly nodding approval of the budgeted amounts, I was the only one paying attention to the numbers:

“Oh, I got a video game for one of the presents in Mom and Dad’s basket. Dad will love it.”
“Great! How much was it?”
[awkward silence]
“The budget for their whole gift was $60.”
“You should have told me that before.”
“I did tell you that before! You agreed!”
“I don’t remember that.”
“Of course you don’t.”

Last night we went to Chapters and got a few crosswords for my grandmother, some Hercule Poirot short stories on CD for Hubby’s Gran (who is blind), and some codebreaker puzzles for my Dad’s birthday. Hubby’s Gran’s present was significantly over budget, but the others were under and it worked out about even.

Tonight, we’ll be heading out to get the rest of the stuff for our parents’ baskets, including the baskets themselves. We won’t be able to completely recover from the Wii overspending, but we might be able to come close. If all else fails, we still have the $75 from the gifts we’re no longer buying our friends.

Tonight, I also get to go to the post office and pay some exorbitant amounts to get the kiddie books I bought to Toronto and Wisconsin on time because I was too tired and cranky to get my butt into gear a month ago. This is where the procrastination, which has occasionally served me well, comes back and bites me. Good thing my niece is in Toronto for Christmas. She actually lives in Australia, and I’d be totally S.O.L. getting it there on time.


RacerX said...

Love the blog and Congratulations on the expectant birth of your child.

Given where my families mind was during the same time, you should pat yourself on the back for being as focused as you are!

I have tagged your blog from mine as I believe there is some great inspiration here!

All the Best.

Fecundity said...

Thanks very much!