Thursday, December 6, 2007

This month’s net worth

Okay. Time to crack out the statements and spreadsheets and figure out where all our money is. You can see all the numerical figures on my NetworthIQ profile for December 2007.

As for the highlights and excuses...


  • The emergency fund is down, since I used much of it to get rid of Hubby’s obnoxious PSL.
  • Cash on hand is up a bit since a couple of our utility bills didn’t clear until after month end.
  • We contributed $300 to our RRSPs, though most of that was negated by the market downturn. It'll go back up eventually.
  • My stocks are also down a bit for the same reason.


  • Hubby’s PSL is gone, finished, zip, nada, nothing. My student loan is down to $27.25. I still have to call them to see how to close it out properly. We sent $814 to Hubby’s CSL in November.
  • Because we pay our mortgage biweekly, it received 3 payments last month, and so decreased by $841.
  • The credit card spending is down. Note that we pay the full balance every month on this, so even though I’ve listed it as a debt (which it is), we’re not paying interest.

Current net worth:


All in all it was a very productive month. Two student loans are (practically) gone. An extra payment went to the mortgage. We spent less. Not bad at all. Too bad I can’t get paid three time every month.

We're on track to reach my net worth goal of $10,000 by year-end.

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Wooly Woman said...

Congratulations you guys are really paying the debt down!