Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This month’s net worth

Ah, the first of the month. Also know as Spreadsheet Day in the Fecundity household. You can see the results on my January NetworthIQ entry.

We were supposed to be having a party with all of my mom’s relatives today in celebration of my Gran’s 90th birthday; however the foot of snow we’ve been socked with put a damper on said family’s travelling plans. Downside: I’ll only get to see my almost 3-year-old Australian niece briefly for lunch tomorrow instead of for an entire evening and morning. Upside: We’ll save the $300+ that dinner, a hotel and a fancy brunch was going to cost. I’ll subtract what lunch tomorrow costs us from $300, and send it to the student loan.

The highlights...


  • The Emergency Fund is up significantly. We should be able to get this to $5000 by June without problems.
  • Cash is up due to generous Christmas cheques from our families.
  • Retirement funds are up slightly, mostly due to contributions rather than growth.
  • Stocks slipped a bit further.


  • The credit card is up due to pre-Christmas spending. As always, the balance will be paid in full before the due date.
  • Hubby’s remaining student loan is down significantly. We’re well on our way to paying it down by $5000 by Baby Day.

Current Net Worth:


So, we made the goal of $10,000 by January 1st. Just. Yay!

Clearly the flaw in calculating net worth for short-term goals is that you can’t account for market fluctuations. But, since short-term goals are merely surrogates for desired long-term outcomes, and were're definitely moving in the right direction, I’ll live with it.

Happy New Year everyone. All the best for all of your goals of 2008!


RacerX said...

Great Job! Congratulations!

You made a lot of progress this year!

Look forward to seeing how far you go in 2008!

The Chef said...

Congrats! for achieving your goal. The June 2008 goal looks a little ambitious but with your husband's student loan gone i think it'll be manageable :)

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Linda said...

That's great you achieved your goal, wish i could be as disciplined.