Thursday, November 22, 2007

How much am I expected to help?

My friend is starting her own business...sort of.

She’s joined up with one of the retail groups that does ‘parties’. Some sell cosmetics, some candles, some knick knacks, some cookware. The company she’s joined sells spices. Which I must admit are pretty good. I bought a few last night.

I like to go to these things occasionally. I’ve bought cookware at one, and a couple of candles from another. They’re sometimes a nice night out where I can spend time with other women and look at girly things. I’m not a particularly girly girl, but I do like to pretend every once in a while.

I’m happy for her that she’s started to do something she thinks she’ll enjoy, which has the potential to bring in some extra cash. She just got married and they bought a house, which means they’re a bit strapped at the moment.

The problem is my friend is pushing me to host a sales party for her.

I really don’t want to.

I have few female friends, and the ones I do have were at the party she ran last night. My coworkers tend to be male. My mother loathes sales parties with a passion, and although my mother-in-law loves them, I don’t want to invite her to something where she’ll feel obligated to buy things she can’t afford and isn’t supposed to eat for health reasons.

Even if I did have a large group of women to call upon, I don’t really want to be the hostess. I’m tired, and large groups of people in my home aren’t my thing on a good day, especially if I don’t know them well.

So, am I being selfish by not helping my friend out as she begins selling and networking? Or can I bow out of this gracefully without looking like a bitch?


FourPillars said...

I think it's really lame that she signed up with this company and expects her friends to find her clients.

Don't do it - if she doesn't know about the baby then delay until she does know and then use that as an excuse.


plonkee said...

It's ok to not help your friends find money if you're really not that interested. There will be other ways that you can help them out.

The Bright Side said...

I am a huge Pampered Chef fan and own a lot of their products. My friend started selling it, and when he found out that I knew so much about it, he would harass me endlessly about selling. I would become rich overnight with something I love, I heard over and over. A few years later, he admitted that he doesn't make that much per hour when he looks at all the hours that he puts in to it. But, he is an outgoing guy who loves to meet new people and cook. He met his fiance at one of the parties he had. Sometimes, things like that are just not a good deal when you look at your time and effort. And then when it's forced upon you, it doesn't normally work if it's not a natural. Stick to your guns on this one.

Fecundity said...

@fourpillars - these businesses tend to be all about networking, so it's not atrocious that she asked for me to host a party, just irritating. I probably will use the baby as an excuse. Another pregnancy perk discovered!

@plonkee - Thanks for the reassurance.

@the bright side - that does sound irritating. Thankfully, my friend isn't pushing me to sell, just host, but I have every intention of sticking to my guns now. If she'd ask me to sell, I'd have probly laughed in her face. Soooo not my personality type.

Still, cool that he met his fiancee doing a job he loves.