Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcome to a Winter Wonderland

Woke up this morning to see about 8 centimetres of snow outside my windows. Apparently winter has arrived wholeheartedly. I’m fairly certain I didn’t place that order.

I did some early morning shovelling with Hubby to clear the driveway. Looks like we’ll have to do it again tonight too. Exercise is good for us, right?

Also reminded Hubby not to get used to the help. He’ll be on his own in a couple of months on the shovelling front. Just when it’ll get truly unpleasant, too. Maybe pregnancy side-effects aren’t all bad.

Hopefully the snow will melt by the weekend, which is when we’ll be putting up the Christmas lights. Have to buy a couple more LED strings for the giant evergreen we have in the front yard. We only had two strings on it last year, and the poor thing looked more like a DNA strand than a Christmas tree.

Hmm, also better pick up some salt/sand for the driveway too. Wouldn’t want the mailman maiming himself. Not so sure if I care about the guy who reads the utility meters.

I’m kidding! Mostly...

What the snow has really reinforced for me is that unlike most years, I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. This is a profound lack of planning on my part. It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming; I’m pretty sure it arrives on December 25th every year.

So, I guess I’ll have to get myself to a mall this weekend as well. It’ll be just me, Hubby, and the 453,867 other procrastinators in town.

Fun times.


FourPillars said...

Clearly you don't live in Toronto!

Pregnant women can't change cat litter either...


Fecundity said...

Oooh, good point. I'd probably have come up with that sooner if we owned a cat.

That's actually a down side for me. I won't be able to work in the garden next spring unless I'm wearing rubber gloves, since there are lots of cats in our neighbourhood. That's assuming I can reach the ground at all by then, of course.

I take it Toronto is still blessed with being snow free.

FourPillars said...

Actually we got a bit today - but it's more of an ice pellet storm..