Friday, December 7, 2007

Top referring domains - November

I’ve noticed that quite a few bloggers out there take a moment to thank other bloggers who have been responsible for driving traffic to their sites. This seems like a nice idea, so I’m going to try instituting it (roughly) monthly on (or around) the day I post my net worth.

My top five non-search engine referring domains for the last 30 days were:

1. Canadian Capitalist – Ran a very interesting blog birthday contest, and kindly linked to my (and others) entry. Happiness is a traceable spike in visitors. Happiness is also a well-rounded finance blog geared to your own country.

2. Brip Blap – Steve’s “Life, simply improved” blog is often such a good read it almost makes up for not being Canadian. ;) Lots of helpful stuff here: finance, parenting, career inspiration, weight loss, being a good partner...and a bunch of stuff I’m no doubt forgetting.

3. Quest for Four Pillars – to be fair, Mike and Mr. Cheap’s excellent Canadian personal finance blog (The Baby Expenses section alone is worth a look if you’re about to be or thinking of becoming a parent) might have ranked higher if I’d been bright enough to enter my link correctly when I started posting comments on it. Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

4. Canadian Dream: Free at 45 – Great stuff if you’re thinking of retiring early, or just want to be more in touch with your goals, true needs and finances. He's got me trying to figure out how early I could retire.

5. Clawing our way to financial health – Wooly Woman’s blog is about her and Mr. Wooly’s struggles to get out of a substantial amount of student and other debt. They’re chugging along farily well. Plus, she’s pregnant too, which makes her site that much more interesting for me.

Thanks to all of the above for either directly posting a link to my blog, or for having posts interesting enough to inspire me to comment repeatedly.


FourPillars said...

Thanks for the mention.

I think this is the very first time we've made a "top referrer" list.


Brip Blap said...

Whadda'yat? How zit goan, eh? I am glad I could refer so much traffic, eh? I must admit, wit oat a doat, I am not Canadian, eh? I didn't want to start a kerfuffle, but I am from the States, eh?

See, even though I am an American I have taken the trouble to study your language and learn your ways. I even know what you call Canadian bacon in Canada... back bacon!


guinness416 said...

I think I remember that Steve's a Yankees fan. If we made him Canadian he might start supporting the Leafs, and Brip Blap might take a MUCH darker tone ....

Fecundity said...

@fourpillars - You're welcome. Congrats on the milestone.

@brip blap - LOL! You might not want to base your entire knowledge of the Canadian language on rural Newfoundland.

For the final quiz:
A) What do we call our winter hats?
B) Pronounce this letter: "Z".
C) Spell the word that describes someone who lives next to you.

@Guinness - Good point. Though not everyone up here supports the Leafs. Some of us have good teams. ;)

Brip Blap said...

a) caps, eh?
b) "zed" (or is that Britspeak?)
c) Caneighbor, eh?

Heh. I believe it should be the "Leaves" not the "Leafs", and unfortunately as an American I am not allowed to really be a hockey fan. There's a law, I think.

Fecundity said...

Hmmm. Only one out of three. But I'll give you an 'A' for effort and for being a smartass, which is an admirable trait in my opinion.

I agree with you on the 'Leaves' thing, but since the name was developed by people who'd been cross-checked one too many times, what can you do? Trying to change it now would be so sacriligious we'd only be saved from being stoned (pucked?) to death by an angry mob due to the fact that the blood would ruin the ice.

Does anyone actually use the word kerfuffle?