Monday, December 10, 2007

Frugality Success

Hah! I've finally managed to convince the three couples we're closest friends with to not exchange Christmas gifts. We've all agreed that we'll just spend time with each other over the holidays and only buy for the kids, which in this group consists of only one so far, and she's only 16 months old, thus pretty easy to satisfy.

It certainly helps that we all now have or are about to start mortgages, and the three sets of them either got married in the past year or are getting married this year. Nothing like excessive financial strain to get people on board with saving money.

So that's $75 successfully knocked off our Christmas budget. I'll leave it as a buffer for now in case we overspend on a few people. If not, I'll ship it into Hubby's student loan in the New Year.



FourPillars said...

Congrats. Now you have to work on your family.

It took me ten years but this year we are not exchanging any gifts between the adults.


Fecundity said...

Yeah, I wish. I'm pretty sure that'll never work.

Actually, since most of our relatives are the generation above us or more, they generally tend to give us big fat cheques for Christmas. Normally, we end up profiting from the family gift exchange, which makes me feel a bit guilty...