Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend report - The family has been informed

This weekend was fairly productive in one way, and quite unproductive in another.

I spent Saturday morning cooking up a nice lunch for all four of our parents. I winged together a Shepherd’s Pie using beef and Portobello mushrooms in a red wine gravy (alcohol carefully boiled off, extra wine fed to the guests so I wasn’t stuck with an open bottle I can’t drink). It turned out very well and I’ll have to write it down so I can do it again.

I ended up taking the advice of Steve (Brip Blap) and Mike (Four Pillars) and just blurting out that we were pregnant the second they were all together in the living room. I had wanted to have something special prepared for them, but this worked just as well and was a heck of a lot easier.

Everyone was very excited and they had a nice chat reminiscing about Hubby and I when we were babies and what it was like to be about-to-be parents. Let’s just say pre-natal and newborn parenting guidelines have changed significantly since the 70s.

After lunch we phoned our grandmothers. Mine was ecstatic and we spent a good long time chatting about it. Hubby’s said ‘that’s nice, congrats’ and then told him to tell his parents she’d received the parcel she’d been expecting. She’s never been one for letting the little things get in the way of what’s important to her. I found it hilarious (and predictable). Mom-in-law was quite embarrassed, poor thing.

We were then taken out for a very nice steak dinner, where I discovered that 90% of the appetizers are on the ‘no-eat’ list. Pass that bread and water, would you, Steve? The French onion soup seemed safe enough (and was delicious), and I had a very nice (medium, instead of my preferred rare) steak. I had a deep, hearty sniff of Dad-in-law’s after-dinner Port in recompense.

Sunday I’d planned to go and get started on the much-procrastinated Christmas shopping, but I decided to sleep through it instead...oops. Guess that’ll have to be next weekend.


guinness416 said...

Sheperds' pie for lunch and steak for dinner? That's what I call weekend eatin' all right! Nice to get it all out in the open, I'm sure you're ears are burning from the calls your mothers are currently making to the extended family, family friends, neighbours ..... is this the first grandkid?

guinness416 said...

YOUR not YOU'RE, arrgh.

FourPillars said...

You might want to check your spam filter - I left a comment earlier.


Fecundity said...

@Guinness - I'm trying to up my protein intake, since my iron levels have historically been on the low side. So, more meat. And hey, if you get taken out to a free meal at The Keg, you eat steak. :)

This is indeed the first grandkid. I'm guessing that relatives I've never met in lands far and wide know our exact due date by now.

I promise not to sick the grammar police on you for the occasional misuse of a homonym.

@Four Pillars - Sorry Mike. It's not stuck in my spam filter. The Internet must have hiccupped and ingested your comment whole. I hate it when that happens.

Brip Blap said...

Ah, the first grandkid. The hopes and dreams for the third generation, all on one set of adorably chubby shoulders. No pressure, though.

@Guinness416: it's "argh" not "arrgh"...

:) couldn't resist